Nerve tester

Does the game work? yes  but I the vibrating noise isn’t loud enough

if I made changes? the wire I would have made it easier

what could I do to improve the design? I could have put more colours in it.

what is the easiest part of making the game? painting the wood, because it is easy

what is the most difficult part when making it? connecting everything up.


Copyright is when you copy someone’s invention without permission.

I learnt people like comedians use other peoples ideas, to entertain people.

Referencing is when you mention someone’s website.

You need to tell them the author/company, date of the last site update, title, URL/web address and the date accessed.



Start of high school

I have enjoyed hanging out with different people then I did last year. I want to improve in French. My favourite subject is food because I really like cooking. My favourite house activity would be the swimming sports. I currently have 29 stamps 4 stamps from Miss Hollis 11 from Mr Greene 8 from Miss Crevola 1 from Mr Hall 1 from Mr Hurrell and 4 from Mr Twitt.